Saturday, January 20, 2007

Here is some pictures of my cars

hope it will look something like this (photoshop) when i'm done
I bourght some 5 lug empi sprintstars for it
a 4 inch adjusteble narrowed beam
and a straightaxelkit
and some lowered spindels
gonna cruise this summer


my latest treasure find - a 67 fire slider panel with only 13000 km on the clock

still working on the 64 dem luxe - but it is now a softtop ;-)

one short ownership more - a 1973 panelvan

and a short ownership of a 62 bug - sold it to a friend in need - he had an unluck with a dragster called nasty grey

it's now back in black ;-)


then i bourgt BACK a 59 bug i had before



then i got a crasy idea - BUGGY - why ??? i never found out



but then found a rare early notch i couldent let go

but couldent have just one - so i bourght this bug

a 1954 standart with mecanik brakes

then i bourgt a house and buildt a garage - an when that was done i bourgt a bus again : a 19664 hard top de luxe - and i stil have it - and working on it .


my first and coolest splitbus so far - a 1963 samba

sold to sweden for house finance

next was a mexi bug - a 1984 - just 34000 km since new

A THING - born with transmission with reduktionsboxes - a 1968 - i'we benn told is was whery rare ;-(

one of my old favourits

next was in 1994

a whery nice 1959

next was my first type 2 - an 1981 aircooled T3

next up was a 67 bug - first lowered car i ever had

the next one - a lowlight ghia - sold it to finance a sambabus
this was in 1990

my first bug - bourght it in 1987 - was a young man back then