Tuesday, January 13, 2009

new car in the collection again

also got a new Job on the line .

as a graphic designer in a shop in randers >> the company car - the old ford look

My new little terror dog , named it Herbie - what else ;0) it's a french bulldog

interior looks nice i think

i also found a little easy money raiser projekt , a 57 rag top bug , plans the old school

cal look look for it , T bars and high rearend...

bodywork is done , interior is done , licenseplates is on the way , only need brakes

and some electric work , for sale for 45000 danish kroners as it is now.

the workshop is done - now it's time to work on the cars again after a long brake..

the bus had been sandblasted , and no critical work was needed after this.

next plan is to put some paint on the undercarige and have some wheels on it again..

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